Eemshaven Ship Repair

MOS | Eemshaven Ship Repair is a maritime service supplier based in Eemshaven, the Netherlands. We are located at the Beatrixhaven.

We provide service, repairs and parts, as well as inspections, to technical installations and equipment on board ships such as, but not limited to:

– Marine diesel engines;
– Propulsion systems (gearbox & propeller);
– Manoeuvering systems (steering gear & rudders);
– Electrical systems;
– Ships Automation systems;
– Under water inspection / Diving support;
– Mechanical / Engine Room systems;
– Navigation systems;
– Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning systems;
– Hydraulic systems;
– Deck equipment (cranes, winches, etc.);
– Safety Equipment & Life Saving Gear;
– Engineering;
– Constructions;
– Seafastening and (un)lashing;
– (De)mobbing;
– Cutting & grinding;
– Spare Parts;
– Container storage.

We provide welding services (steel & aluminum) on site in case of repairs to ship’s constructions, for retrofits and (de)mobilisations. If needed we can lift up to 200 T from the water in Eemshaven in case of underwater repairs. A 250 T boat lift is available in a nearby seaport and we have access to several ship repair facilities (dry dock or slipway) close to Eemshaven, the Netherlands.

With our ‘flying squads’ we are not limited to working in the Eemshaven area but can be of service to you throughout the entire Europe as well as abroad.

We can also take care of the provision of ship supplies such as:
– Groceries;
– Nautical Charts;
– Tools;
– Consumables;
– Filters;
– Lubricants;
– Coolant;
– Etc., etc.

We will do our utmost to be of service to our clients.

Our Other Services


For the development or conversion of a ship or installation many items have to be clarified, calculated and elaborated to ensure a cost-effective building process and exploitation. We specialize in development and elaboration from concept to complete engineering of your projects, for ship design and offshore constructions as well as for ship installations.

Reverse Engineering

To integrate additional equipment in an existing system and environment we use Reverse Engineering. Reverse Engineering is an engineering method where an existing technical space is scanned and digitized to a virtual 3D model by means of 3D laser scanning. In this 3D model further measurements can be taken for engineering, and alterations can be worked out as a preparation for modifications to (the installations in) a technical space.

Equipment & Parts

We supply a wide range of ship equipment and parts, from propulsion and manoeuvring equipment to deck and safety equipment, as well as engine room equipment and control and automation systems. All equipment of high-standard reknown makes.

Installation & Outfitting

Our field engineers take care of the installation and outfitting of all systems, both mechanical as well as electrical installations. Preparation of existing systems and spaces for modification, positioning of components and outfitting of the prefabricated piping as well as electrical wiring are done by one team, including the commissioning of ship installations.

Pre-fabrication of Piping

In our workshop we produce and supply prefabricated piping in carbon steel, stainless steel and composite piping (GRE/GRP). Instead of using welding bends we use bending machines to reduce welding as far as possible. For composite piping we can machine and process all brands.

Project Support

Working on a project basis results in a varying need for knowledge and expertise. Or something unexpected comes up. With a large pool of dedicated maritime professionals we provide expertise for temporary vacancies at companies and in projects in the field of project management, building supervision, outfitting supervision, technical expertise and reporting and claims processing.



About us

Marine & Offshore Solutions B.V (MOS) is a technical service provider in ship building, shipping, offshore, offshore wind and in industry. We work for ship owners, ship management companies, manufacturers and suppliers of technical systems, ship yards, installation companies, maritime engineering companies and offshore contractors.

We supply turn-key solutions, from consulting and engineering till installation & outfitting, commissioning and delivery of technical installations. From this scope of services we also offer Project Support, Ship Repair, Prefabrication of composite piping and supply of Equipment and Parts.

Our added value lies in the fact that we organise the entire project, with all its disciplines, in order to unburden our clients. With the partners we cooperate with we are able to offer reasonable pricing without influencing quality and efficiency of our projects.

We distinguish ourselves by the compact organization and short communication lines. We can respond to our clients needs swiftly and flexible, both in knowledge as well as in capacity.

The combination of all our services makes us flexible and competitive in the preparations, realization and delivery of your project. And you have a single-point-of-contact for all aspects of your project that is taken care of by driven and highly motivated professionals.

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